Gmail account is hacked? How to recover it

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Google's email service Gmail is the most used in the world. Gmail uses more than one billion people worldwide, and this is probably the reason why the hackers always look at this email service. If you also notice any suspicious activity in your Gmail account, it may be that someone has hacked your account.

Learn how to recover your account and make it more secure than ever before:

1. Go to Account Recovery Page
2. If you do not remember your password, answer different questions.
3. Use your recovery email or phone number.
4. Now Gmail will send a recovery code to that phone number or email to ensure the ownership of your account.
5. Apart from this, you can also answer the security question that you created when setting up the account.
6. After receiving the recovery code, enter it in Gmail and then Google will ask you to change the password.
7. After signing, Gmail will ask you once for security checks. Keep in mind that check the security and then change your security information.

If someone is using your Google Account without your knowledge due to any hacking activity done in your Gmail account, then your other Google accounts may be of great danger such as unsafe unauthorized payment activity, unfamiliar Google Play activity, unidentified YouTube activity, unfavorable app. Can.

Changed Your GMAIL, Learn New Factors

Follow these tips to secure your Google Account:
1. Follow the guidelines given in the Security Checkup. This is Google's service, which allows users to check connected apps, devices, account permissions etc. to find out if their account is safe or not.
2. If you have not changed your account password so far, then immediately change the password.
3. Change the password of the apps and sites where you have used the password with this same Google Account.

When you move the cursor to an email convergence in Gmail inbox, you will get options like archive, delete, mark as read and snooze. Please note that Snooze is a new function and through this you can set an email to send later. Right here you will find apps like Keep, Tasks and Google Calendar on right.

A new feature high-priority notifications will also be available in Gmail, through which the filter will be set for notifications. Only notifications will be available for those mails which are important or are arguments. Google says that this feature will reduce the number of push notifications by 97 percent.

Now the Inbox will only know which mail is attached. Below the message will be an icon which will be able to view the attachment without opening the email without clicking on it.

Now an 'Offline' version of Gmail will also be available, through which users will be able to do their job even when the internet is not available. That means the messages will sync and as soon as the internet is available they will be downloaded.

Smart reply feature will be found on Gmail's Web page. This feature is already available in the mobile version. For an email, Gmail gives three reservations as a quick answer. These answers can be edited or the user can send them as an answer immediately at their convenience.
The Nudges feature will show more than two days old emails in the inbox. Google is using machine learning to identify 'important' emails. If any questions are asked in an email and you have not responded, the email will be marked with the flag mark.

In Confidence Mode, Gmail is also offering a Two Factor Authentication Protection. To read emails found in Confidential Mode, the user has to enter the passcode found in an SMS.

For those who often forget to answer the necessary emails, this feature is very useful for them. The new snooze feature will allow the user to schedule a message in the inbox and pin it.

As the name implies, users can now set expiry date to send users to the user i.e. the message will be automatically deleted after a certain period. In Confidential mode, Gmail does not send the contents of the email as email, but the user gets a link which opens content such as a regular email in Gmail on the display.

Google has released a new Google Tasks app for its Groom users of Android and iOS. Through this app, the G-suite users will be able to keep track of everyday activities on their smartphones. Changes to this will also appear in the Google Tasks on the desktop.

Gmail's new interface looks more attractive and obvious now. However, this feature is only for the web version of Gmail.

Now a new side panel will be available on the right side of the screen and it will be the most used application of Google. There will be many other apps, including calendars, tasks. According to Google, due to this feature, users will not need to go out of Gmail to use another app.

This feature is more of the business users' business. Through this feature, users can send a message with the option of forward, copy, download or not printing.

4. Change the password of all apps and sites where you have signed in with your Google Account email address. Also, change the password of the apps and sites for which you have saved the password on the Chrome browser.
5. Make sure your recovery phone number and email are correct so that you can be notified if there is any suspicious activity in your account.

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