Battery Is Draining Too Fast – Try These 8 Easy Ways

  • Battery Is Draining Too Fast – Try These 8 Easy Ways

Today, most of the smartphones come with high-resolution large displays, powerful processors and more memory. The purpose of this is to make multi-tasking and difficult task too easy. However, it also means that in such a situation the phone will have trouble running the battery throughout the day and for this reason the power bank has become a compulsion.

Similar laptops can also be said about. As its battery becomes older, the need to use the power plug, again and again, will also increase. Most of the electronics devices we use come with lithium-ion and lithium-poly batteries. These quick charging features are equipped with but do not necessarily have long battery life. Keeping the age of the battery in mind, upgrading the laptop requires better battery replacement.

Whether you use smartphones, tablets or laptops These tips will help you to increase your device’s battery life.

1) Keep the temperature meditation
Using the battery at high temperature, it can be more troublesome than its cycling. Battery University says that higher temperatures and aging age gradually reduce battery performance. Using a device in low temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius is considered to be high), his life cycle will be better. Testing has found that the use of batteries at 60-degree temperature for three months reaches 60 percent and 65 percent for 40 degrees temperature. Try to save your device from heat, such as not to make the mistake of leaving your mobile on the car’s dashboard in the hot summer.
laptop cooling pad
It is reasonable to be troubled by the problem of overheating the smartphone because, with the passing time, battery life becomes much weaker. Keep in mind that you are using a cooling pad on the laptop so that the hot air from the CPU vents can easily come out. Due to dust, the vendor of the laptop is often closed, due to which the wings made in it had to work a lot, gradually it also works to increase the cost for you. So keep clean, especially remove the dust.

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2) Avoid free apps, start buying apps
Apps that come with advertising can reduce your device’s battery life by as little as 2.5 to 2.1 hours. Such claims are made by some American researchers. According to the study, the processor of the phone is like his brain. Advertising also uses parts of this mind, due to which it slows down.

It’s not that all free apps are affecting your battery, but if you see an ad on it, then it will affect the bandwidth and processors. You will have many benefits when you pay for the app. That too when many applications are available at just Rs 10 in today’s date.

It would be better to use the application in the system to edit text on a laptop. By doing this, there will be less battery consumption than using the browser. If you are not using the internet then turn off Wi-Fi connection. On Windows PC, you need to press “Fn + F2” on the keyboard. By the way, this command also depends on the device manufacturer. In this case, you can also use the Wi-Fi icon on the device.

3) Turn off location tracking
In a recent report, it has been claimed that the Facebook app quickly eliminates the battery of the iPhone because it uses the GPS module to repeat the user’s location. In such a case, the app that does not need your location will be able to offset their location tracking.
location mode android
On most Android devices, you can turn off location tracking completely by going to the location after the settings. By the way, the option to fix this at the app level is currently only given in Android Marshmallow.

In iOS 9, you go to Settings, then select Privacy and then Location Services. After this, you can disable it according to every app. For the same app, place the location on the axes which they need.

4) Reduce the display’s brightness

This suggestion applies to laptops and mobile devices. Most devices can easily use brightness settings or reduce screen brightne
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